Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Joan C. Benson write the book “His Gift”?

She began writing the book shortly after her mother’s death. She found her mother’s diaries and realized what an inspiring story it would make. The book’s conflict is based on her mother’s life event as a young woman growing up in 1929, but the plot has been developed as fiction.

Why did Joan C. Benson begin speaking publicly about her faith?

When a person goes through dramatic life twists and turns, it is helpful to share how God met his or her needs to encourage others. The same principle is true of wanting young adults to be inspired by His Gift to encourage their faith in times of unplanned losses and disappointments.

Is Joan C. Benson currently working on any other book projects?

Yes, she has completed co-authoring 4 children’s picture books.  The first two are published, and the other two will be released in 2024.