A Fetus at 9-10 Weeks LMP

The tiny embryo grows quickly. With completely separate DNA from its biological parents, the baby’s heart can be seen on an ultrasound at 6 weeks from the first day of the mother’s Last Monthly Period. By the time it is 9 1/2 weeks from the LMP, the little one can even hiccup! Fingers are distinct from its body. Much has been said and written about a fetus being a part of the mother’s body, therefore subject to her decision to carry it or not. Science has shown that the fetus is being housed in the mother’s body, but it is not a part of her body. If you carry this analogy further, you learn that the first test-tube baby was conceived in a petri dish. Obviously, she wasn’t a part of her mother’s body when she was implanted in the womb anymore than she was a innate part of a petri dish when conception began there. Interestingly, in July 2000, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill (unanimously) saying that it would be illegal to execute a pregnant woman. Why, you ask? Well, the preborn child, a distinctly separate human being, was deemed to have his or her own inalienable right to life!

We live in a culture with broad and disparate moral perspectives, and we have similarly and profoundly failed to be morally consistent.

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