Ashlyn’s Story

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Ashlyn, did you know? Many times women yield to the influences around them, and in particular, the father of the baby they are carrying. In desiring to not break off a relationship, a woman may become vulnerable to the pressure of the father, someone who is not willing, or emotionally ready, to parent. However, the cruel reality is that often if a woman chooses to abort under pressure, the relationship she wants to protect becomes more at risk for failure. Consider the correlation found between induced abortion and the negative impact on your primary relationship … before you decide. Weigh the risks. Count the cost.   

“Jeremy, I can’t believe what you just said!” Ashlyn shouted into her cell phone. “You knew we weren’t using protection, and here we are. I am pregnant! With YOUR baby! And, all of a sudden, you don’t think you’re ready to play daddy? Fine. Just fine.”

Ashlyn abruptly clicked her phone off. She knew she needed to calm down and think. It was Saturday, and she called her best friend, Ava.

“Are you free to talk, Ava? I really need someone to process with,” Ashlyn said.

“Sure, Ashlyn, I’m just cleaning up around my apartment, and will be here until about 5 p.m. Come on over!”

“Honestly, Ava. Jeremy is acting like a jerk. We are not children. We are both out of school and beginning our careers. Maybe we weren’t planning on starting a family right now, but we both knew the risks. He said he wanted to be with me … forever. So much for ‘forever,’ right?”

“Did he ask you to have an abortion, Ashlyn?” Ava asked.

“He did. He even ‘volunteered’ to pay for it. He even said he would go with me.”

“What a gentleman!” Ava said, her tone dripping with sarcasm. “What do you want to do, Ashlyn? Have you had time to even consider the consequences of this … on you, on Jeremy, your parents?”

“Oh, I would never tell my parents if I have an abortion. No, no, never! Leave them out of this picture.”

“What do you think Jeremy will do if you say you want to keep the baby?” Ava asked.

Tears began to well up in Ashlyn’s eyes. “I really don’t know. He said he wanted to travel with his job, and take every opportunity for promotion.”

“But, I really love Jeremy,” she added softly.

“Will you still love him the way you did before if you abort your baby?”

Silence. Quiet tears fell. Ava reached out her arms to give Ashlyn a hug. She held her while she sobbed.

“I loved Jeremy so much, Ava. I thought he would be my husband some day …”

“And, if he doesn’t want to support you now … now that you are expecting his baby …?”

Ashlyn looked into Ava’s eyes and said nothing. It was clear that everything had changed. Just twenty-four hours ago, life was beautiful and carefree with a future filled with hope. Twelve hours ago, Ashlyn took a pregnancy test. The earth shook.

Dear Lord,

Ashlyn is in so much pain, and we know you’ve seen all the details of her story. Please reveal Your plans for her, and give her the strength to make the right choice with no regrets. Help her draw close to you, and know not only your will, but your loving forgiveness for not following your plan for her highest good.

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