Are Intimate Relationships Impacted by Abortion?

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Studies have been done to examine the correlations between abortion and relationship functions. In one such study, the variables included perceptions of quality-of-life, termination of relationship, sexual changes, aggression, and conflict. A large number of both men (n=658) and women (n=906) were interviewed, and the samples were ethnically diverse. Interestingly, for both men and women, if one had experienced an abortion in a previous relationship, there was a negative impact on the current relationship. The abortion experience was associated with an increased risk for arguing about children when children came in to the picture. Females also reported an increased risk for sexual dysfunction, arguments concerning finances, and even the relatives, both his and hers. Though this study does not prove that this affect will be associated with every person who has experienced an induced abortion, it is clear that abortion may impact relationships in a negative way as a person tries to move forward.

Coleman PK, Rue VM, Coyle CT. Induced abortion and intimate relationship quality in the Chicago Health and Social Life Survey. Public Health, 2009 Apr; 123(4):331-8, 308: 10.1016/j.puhe.2009.01.005. Epub 2009 Mar 26

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  1. Interesting information…new to me…but it makes sense that an abortion will impact future relationships! Elaine J

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