Book Club Questions for His Gift

His Gift by Joan C. Benson

Historical Fiction for Any Season

If you have read His Gift and are interested in having a more in-depth conversation about it, here are some questions to guide you. I’m sure you can think of many more. If you are in a small group Bible study, you can make biblical applications as you study and discuss. I’ll add some more questions on my author Facebook page for such a discussion.

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  1. Molly had big dreams and a passion to see them come to pass. What character traits do you identify in her before the stock market crash in the fall of 1929,

2. Other character traits emerge as Molly faces the family’s move to Chicago.                    Which traits equip Molly for the demands life throws her way?

3. Which of Molly’s character traits do you admire, and if so why?

4. Molly faced her new school and future with a certain resignation. Was her point            of view grounded in reality or based on naivete?

5. Molly conformed to certain societal norms of the 1920s. What are some ways                those norms changed over the past 100 years? What social norms were a part              of  your young adult life and no longer exist today?

6.  Molly also challenged other expectations of young women in 1929. In what                   ways does she do this openly? Were her challenges positive, negative, and why             do you think so? Have you ever bucked the system, if you care to share?

7. Molly’s relationship with her mother and father changes over time. How does it            change from the first chapter to the point where she cannot take the train back            to Michigan in Chapter 22? How does it change by the end of Epilogue, and do            you believe it is a change for the better, or worse?

8. What struck you regarding the growing love relationship between Molly and                Jack? How would you compare their relationship with “first love” relationships              in this century/decade?

9. How does Molly’s view of the world changed over time? In what ways and why?            Were the changes positive or negative?  Has your view of the world changed                over time, and has it influenced how you live?

10. In what ways did Molly’s understanding of God change as she navigated her                  difficult loss?

11. Molly’s “calling” is a central theme of this novel. In what ways does her calling               change, and was it a positive or negative transition?

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