Rewriting Truth, Revising History: Scripture through the Lens of Communism

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Imagine a World Where Truth Has Been Replaced

The eeriness of deception and distrust is unsettling at best. Who can we trust? Who do we believe? Many years ago, I had a young friend who spent the summer as a language student in what was then-communist Soviet Union. Her emotional reserves were stretched, and by the time she returned to the United States, she needed time to reflect, pray, and regroup. What hit her the hardest was the deception – everywhere. She recalled how you couldn’t believe anyone. If you chose to trust someone, they might be masquarading as a “friend” while operating under the guise of the KGB, the main security agency.

China Rewrites the Christian Bible – Replacing Truth

Today the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has a stranglehold on Christian believers. They must believe there is something powerful about our Bible. I agree. It is a powerful gift God has given his children, filled with truth, inspired teaching, and foundational principles. Why else would the CCP tackle a ten-year project to REWRITE scripture “through the lense of Communism”? Hmmm. They know how revising the words will change the original intent, and ultimately control what people believe. Interesting. Many Chinese Christians are working on memorizing scripture in order to guard against this attack on God’s truths. It is their only hope against such a diabolical intrusion into their faith. What will happen after another generation or two if truth is truly left behind. “Lord, Jesus, Come.”

America’s Shaky Footing – Do We Know the Truth?

Not long ago, I had the privilege of hearing the author and social critic Os Guinness. He compared the condition of America’s spiritual “soul” to that of Europe’s. Having immigrated to America from Great Britain, Mr. Guinness knows the condition of Christianity in Western Europe. The light of Christ has been flickering dimly in that region for a few years now. Once active sites of worship sit like museum pieces. Beautiful and majestic pieces of architecture dot their landscape, once built to honor and glorify a magnificent all-powerful Creator God. Now they are open for tours so people can enjoy the beauty of their statuary, stained glass, and amazing architecture. Mr. Guinness believes America is following in their footsteps. I believe we are.

You may wonder what could be a concern here in America. We have Bibles everywhere in America. Many homes have multiple Bibles in them. What good is truth if it is unread, unabsorbed, and unapplied? Are young Americans reading the Bible and teaching the profound truths God has conveyed to their children? Today’s young families are often trapped in a whirlygig life with two parents working and important children’s pursuits scheduled even on the weekends. Many do not take time for church. They live a breathless pace barely having time enough time to refuel and sleep – living the basics.

In the Absence of Truth, What’s Next for America?

We can watch as the media pummels the airways with half-truths and slanted pieces of information. The cultural ideologues tell us what we once thought was uncontroversial is wrong. Once respected values (like the Ten Commandments) had been accepted by our social structure. Today the beliefs that Creator God values human life, that people were made in God’s image (unlike the animals) is not held by many. Now everything “traditional” is brought into question. \

A west coast school district has recently revealed a curriculum to teach youngsters how people who say there are only two categories of gender, boys and girls, are just wrong. The curriculum states there are many options. Whatever you feel like being should be regarded as true, and if we “sort” people by male and female biological factors, we are discriminatory.

Therefore, I must ask, will our children know the truths and values God has revealed in Scripture? Even if we have Bibles sitting all over our bookshelves, if they are unopened, the truth will not be revealed. America will be no better off than China whose people will soon be reading biblically distorted teachings.


If you believe God has revealed standards for living, you need to make certain you don’t blissfully ignore them. This is the era Jesus warned about … wrong will be called right, and right will be called wrong. Don’t let your light be hidden, but speak into this darkness. Study and show yourselves approved. Boldly contest the foolishness of those who mock biblical truth.

I pray our next generations will know there is a God, and there is such a thing as TRUTH.

BE the light in this dark world.

2 thoughts on “Rewriting Truth, Revising History: Scripture through the Lens of Communism”

  1. This reminds me of my childhood in the late forties and early fifties. I have a clear recollection of the Soviet Union invading and conquering Hungary. We memorized a considerable amount of significant portions of the Bible because we expected communism to overtake the world and take our Bibles away. Many people built bomb shelters for the same reason. Look back to the McCarthy era of the early fifties and get a glimpse of the US fear of communism. The threat has not, and will not, go away this side of heaven. Thanks, Joan!

  2. I was right there beside you, hiding under my little wooden desk in the classroom of Washington Elementary School of Jacksonville, IL. 🙂 This time, the threat is not so much with bombs and physical warfare. The once-subtle advance of mind-controlling education and media are today in an all-out assault of biblical values. It’s no longer behind the scenes, but open warfare. Thanks for sharing!

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